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Property and Land

Property and Land


The "OWNERSHIP" of land in England was not of major importance before 1066 AD and The "Norman Conquest" but in 1086 King William I comissioned the 'Domesday Book' which listed every farm and home in his Kingdom by 'value'.  All land was assumed to be owned by "The Crown".  King Henry VIII had every "Religious Holding" evaluated between 1536 and 1539 and Queen Elizabeth I began a similar system to evaluate the "landholdings" of her Kingdom but it was never completed.  

The most comprehensive record of land and property was conducted in 1840 which produced the "Apportionment" of 1841.  This listed every field, meadow, wood, pasture and property in England and Wales that was subject to "tithe" taxation by The Church of England.  It showed also the name and number of every field and named the property owner.  Those people who rented their land or were 'tenants' were not recorded.  The first complete 'Ordnance Survey" was conducted in 1890.  Roads, byways, footpaths and bridle paths were shown on the 1840 and 1896 maps.

We can help you to link back to your "real roots" in English soil!

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