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Family History

Family History


Tracing your family history is not as easy as you might think.  Many "Parish Records" in England and Wales were destroyed at the time of 'The Reformation' (1536-39 AD)  and  the 'English Civil War' (1642-51).  Many Irish records were severely damaged or destroyed in the 'Irish Civil War' of the 1920s.  

The first accurate census of England & Wales was in 1841 and all subsequent census records are available up until 1901 (some of the 1911 records have been released but not all of them are 'on-line' yet).  All Census records are held in secret for 100 years but there are other legitimate ways to find your family.  Some of them are:

  • Land holdings, Gravestones and Memorials, Wills or Legal Documents, Private Letters, The National Archives, Naval and Military Records, "Birth, Marriages and Death" Records, "Emigration Records" (including passenger lists from the ships),Websites (but these should be treated with caution) and 'local myths' :- You MIGHT be surprised how often these "old wives' tales" lead to a true story.

Not all of the above records are reliable however and some people have chosen to disguise their past.  We can try to help you to unravel a few of the mysteries but some may evade even our scrutiny!

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