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About us


Lyonshall Research is the 'brainchild' of John Quinton-Adams and Julia Vernon Evans MA (Cantab).  It is designed to be more than just another "find your ancestors" website as we will tailor all our research and advice to your personal requirements.  The two 'Principals' are:

John Quinton-Adams.  John served for 24 years in the British Army and specialised in Military Intelligence and Research.  He has an 'inquiring mind' and is gifted with a dogged determination to get to the core of each mystery.  Like a "dog with a bone" he will pursue a lead until he has traced it to its origins.  At school he majored in history, geography and statistics.  Being of Irish descent, John knows the frustration of chasing ephemeral leads but he will  be honest and admit when he can get no further.  He has only been able to trace his family back for 7 generations due to the lack of surviving records.

Julia Evans.  Julia has an MA in 'Medieval History' from Cambridge University and is of "Yorkshire Stock".  She has traced her family back 13 Generations and 380 years in her native County and she has found distant ancestral "cousins" in Australia, Canada, South Africa and The United States of America.  A countrywoman at heart, Julia has two dogs and is happiest walking the length and breadth of The Parish.  She knows what can or can not be done and  she brings a measure of true Yorkshire common sense to all our enquiries.

Between them both, John & Julia aim to give you the best chance to achieve your aims and enjoy your heritage!

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