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Lyonshall Research aims to help you to explore your roots and investigate your ancestry from the comfort of your armchair.  It will also try to persuade you to go and visit the places mentioned so that you can see for yourself.  If that is impossible, due to distance or infirmity, we will try to send you a flavour of our shared heritage.

We can take you on a tour of the turbulent past where Kings and Queens, Barons and Brigands, Knights and Squires, Artisans and Serfs peopled this country.  They all combine to make up OUR inheritance.

We can show you the effects of the "land enclosures" of the 1700s, the "Industrial Revolution" of the 1800s and the legacy left by the "Two World Wars" fought in the 1900s.  Land ownership, architectural advances, agricultural inventions, industrial progress and the fluctuations of our economy have all been recorded somewhere.... We can help you find them out and possibly help to explain why some of our ancestors emigrated to the far corners of our world.

Tracing your past will be made more easy by whatever memories, letters, documents and family 'myths' you can lay your hands on and pass on to us.  On these foundations we can build you a real and well documented record of the past.

Do not expect to be descended from "The GREAT and The GOOD".  We are not all the sons and daughters of historic icons.  We are, however, all the descendants of "real people" from a "real world".  Let us help you find out.

If we fail we will tell you why - but we will do our best to satisfy your curiosity.

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